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Pure-Advice Financial Planning

Takes the Fees, Sales Pitches, And Lack Of Transparency Out Of Financial Planning

Before you can understand why it's so revolutionary you must first understand:

The 3 Industry Secrets That Prevent Your Financial Advisor From Giving You Good Advice For A Fair Price

(And How We're Changing The Industry To Give You Honest, Professional Advice For One Low, Flat Price) 

I know this will be painful to hear, but when it comes to your finances, ignorance is not bliss, so stick with me here, because this will be one of the best investments of time you'll make in your entire life.


Here's what you're going to learn...

Financial advisors are NOT evil, but 99.9% of them work inside an evil system, that incentivizes them to give you bad advice, (even if they are "fee-only" or "fiduciary").

How a seemingly small management fee, can eat away at 67% of your life savings while making you lower returns than if you had no manager at all.

Why most financial advisors confuse you on purpose using long documents, complicated investments, and legal jargon that locks up your money and keeps you in the dark.

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Our Philosophy Is Built On Three Pillars

The only way to get the help you need without overpaying for bad advice. Our philosophy has three pillars to give you good advice for the lowest price.

Only Pay
For Advice
(So that there are no conflicts of interest.)

Which means that you have a true friend in the industry who only wants the best for you and will do anything in their power to help you make your dreams come true.

No Expensive Management Fees
(So you get to keep more of  your money.)

Which means you have more comfort and security for you and your family, you're able to take more vacations, have less stress, and give back to the causes that matter to you.

Complete Transparency
(So you feel in charge of your own life.)

Which will take away all the stress and anxiety of not knowing if you're on track or what to do about it. Setting goals and designing your life plans will finally be fun again!

Industry Secret #1:

Conflicts of Interest Lead To Bad Advice

To understand what I mean, you need to know the three different types of financial advisors and how they get paid:

1. Brokers  - Have very little training in actual financial planning, because they're trained as a commission-based salesman. That means they will try to sell you the most expensive products and pitch you stuff you don't need. 


2. Fee-Only  - Instead of being salesmen, they're "asset-gatherers". Most make their money by charging you a percentage of your assets. The conflict arises because you have other goals and priorities other than just building and consolidating investment accounts, but this is how fee-only advisors are incentivized. Even if they are a "fiduciary", they may suggest you don't take that vacation, don't buy that rental property, or hold of on paying off that mortgage because it will come out of their pockets as well.

3. Dually Registered - Rather than choosing between getting sold something or losing a percentage of your assets, here you get both! First they will sell you stuff you don't need, then they will suck the life out of your investments with fees. 

Yes, financial advisors and 'fiduciaries' are allowed to get away with this...

Every other professional is legally obliged to act in your best interest: doctors, lawyers, and accountants are all legally required to act in your best interest, but not financial advisors, they get a free pass!

"Financial Guidance" Solution #1:

Instead of Paying For Products Or Management Fees, You Simply Pay For Advice

(So That There Are Never Conflicts of Interest)

When I was working in corporate America, I asked myself, what if "financial advisors" were truly just advisors, instead of brokers or asset gatherers...

And you just paid them for their advice and time like a lawyer or accountant?

So when I created Abundo I created a fourth category of financial advisor that completely de-couples compensation and advice and I called it...

A "Financial Guide": Is someone whose only incentive is to give you financial advice, not manage your assets or sell you products.


Which means our only job is to help you how to hit your goals. It'll feel like you finally have a true friend in the industry, who always has your best interest at heart and always wants the best for you, no matter what.

Industry Secret #2:

Seemingly Small Fees Can Eat Up Your Life Savings While You're Not Looking

Paying 2% in fees may not sound like a lot, but consider this:


If a stock returns 7% over 50 years, every dollar you invest will turn into $30. Add a 2% fee and the $30 you could have had is only $10.


While you put up 100% of the capital, take 100% of the risk, you only get 33% of the return!


Crazy, right?! How do people get away with this?

Because when someone manages your money for you, they swipe their fees right out of your investment account, reaping their profits while you sleep.

Now that would be fine and dandy if they charged you 2% and made you an extra 4% because of good investment decisions, but 99% of the time, that’s simply not the case!

Less than 1% of actively managed ,mutual funds show any skills in beating the market, so you're not only overpaying, but you're overpaying for a lower return!

New Solution #2:

Low Cost Passively Managed Investment Vehicles Minimize Fees, So You Get To Keep More Of The Upside With Less Work

To an investment advisor, their Assets Under Management fee is their favorite source of passive income (even better than commission),


Because as your portfolio goes up, their fee grows, even though the amount of work required is unchanged.


That’s why when I designed the Financial Guidance philosophy, I did away with the “Assets Under Management” model altogether.

Instead of charging you a seemingly tiny fee that drags down your account without you noticing, we are upfront about our cost by putting it right on your card where all your other expenses are.


It's a recurring monthly subscription for unlimited access to your trusted guide the same way you enjoy unlimited access to your gym or to music and movies on Spotify and Netflix.

Over time, this will save you years (or more likely decades) of retirement income, so that you can travel more, stress less, and not have to worry about whether or not you'll end up as a greeter at Walmart in order to survive through retirement.

Industry Secret #3:

A Complete Lack Of Transparency Is Designed To Keep You Blindly Trusting Your Advisor

Big financial companies have huge 60 page documents of terms and conditions, disclosures, and other jargon that would overwhelm you on purpose so that you are left to blindly trust the “expert” advisors.

But when it comes to your financial security, are you really comfortable blindly trusting somebody who is operating within a corrupt system?

Should you really have to dig through 60 pages of legal jargon to understand your investments?


That'll only make calculating your probability of retiring on time a nightmare...


And understanding your insurance benefits shouldn't take a Ph.D.


Instead of leaving you feeling powerless, anxious, and in the dark, about how much money you have or where your money is and...

If you feel like there is a wall between you and your finances that prevents you from seeing the big picture, something is wrong.

New Solution #3:

Financial Guides Work With You, So That You Feel In Control 

By very definition, Financial Guides pull the curtain on the system and walk you through what you need to know in order to take control of your finances.


A true Advice-Only Financial Guide will see exactly what you see, because they don’t manage your money for you, they manage it with you.

We create for you a personal financial website that shows you everything you have, and where it is.

Which means you'll be able to easily calculate what will happen in different scenarios. You'll be able to ask, "If this happens, when will I be able to ..." retire, pay for school, pay down debt, etc. with just the click of a button.

And whenever you have a question, you'll be able to log into your account with your guide and they'll answer your questions with you.

Financial Guides work alongside you in every area of your financial life, so that you know what's going on 100% of the time.

So, setting goals and designing your future will be fun again, and you'll be able to travel and enjoy life guilt-free, knowing your future security is safe.

Want a taste of what having a True Advisor feels like?

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