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Flat Fee Financial Planning

Takes the Fees, Sales Pitches, and Lack of Transparency out of Financial Planning

Hi! My name is Eric Simonson

I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with over a decade of industry experience.

After spending most of my career as a financial advisor in corporate America, I left because I saw a need to help a greater number of people that didn't have access or the desire to work with a traditional advisor

I wanted to help clients through a different model, one where I only got paid for advice and in turn helped clients use proven low cost investments and provided guidance on all areas of their financial life.

So I decided to create a new system called Flat Fee Financial Planning that's designed to eliminate all conflicts of interest without overcharging for professional advice.

By decoupling advice and income, our clients feel like they have a true friend in the industry that doesn't keep secrets.


Instead of further complicating your life, our financial planners put YOU in the driver's seat, and we are here as a knowledgeable friend guiding you on where to turn.

Since we launched in 2019, our business has exploded. We've had a flood of new clients, we've had to expand our team, and we're getting recognized in dozens of news stories all because we're finally giving people what they really want:


A financial advisor that puts them first.

Meet The Team

Our team is a family and we work hard to make customized solutions for yours.


Eric started in financial services in 2007 at a Fortune 500 company.  Prior to starting Abundo, he became a Financial Advisor in 2009 and worked his way up to become the Managing Director of a nationally recognized financial planning practice at Ameriprise Financial. 


Alexis brings a diverse background of experience and skills to her role at Abundo.  Often heard, but not seen, she provides voice over talent to many of our educational videos.  She also lends her language and writing skills as Editor-In-Chief in all things Abundo.


Ethan sought out Abundo because of the company's dedication to an innovative, true fiduciary, no conflict-of-interest business model. With his passion we knew he would be a great fit for the team. He is our official Operations Specialist and our unofficial Behind-The-Scenes Guru.


Lila brings both a literary and creative flair to her role as Social Media Manager at Abundo.  She handles all social media posts and engagement and works hard to spread Abundo's mission of Flat-Fee Financial Planning to all the world.

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