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Did you know...

 That's why we created...

of financial advisors (despite having good intentions) work in a system that rewards:

  • their employer’s interests first

  • their interests second

  • their client's interests a distant third

(even if they call themselves "fiduciaries")


Flat Fee Financial Planning

The only way to get the help you need without falling into the trap of commissions and high fees. Our philosophy has three pillars to give you great advice for the lowest price.

Only Pay
For Advice
(So there are no conflicts of interest)

You'll have a true friend in the industry who only wants the best for you and will do anything in their power to help you make your dreams come true.

No Expensive Management Fees
(So you get to keep more of  your money)

You'll have more financial security, be able to take more vacations, have less stress, and give back to the causes that matter to you.

Complete Transparency
(So you feel in charge of your own life)

You'll shed the stress and anxiety of not knowing if you're on track or what to do about it. Setting financial goals will finally be fun again!

Our Mission Is To Change The Financial Advice Industry 

The financial services industry is designed to overcharge clients and focus on product sales rather than advice:

Financial advisors are NOT bad people, but 99.9% of them work inside a broken system that incentivizes them to give you bad advice, even if they are "fee-only" or "fiduciaries."

A seemingly small management fee can eat away at 67% of your life savings while generating lower investment returns compared to having no investment manager at all.

Financial service companies limit their advice to only what makes them money, not the important everyday life decisions that you need guidance on.

Want to learn how we're fixing these problems?

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Comprehensive Financial Guidance For All Of Life's Adventures...

Anything concerning your ability to save, grow, spend, and earn money matters to us.

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Travel Advice

We love to travel and enjoy giving advice on how to use airline miles and travel credit cards effectively.  We'll help you find flight deals and hotel deals so you can see more, experience more, and live more.

Image by Avery Evans
Debt Management

Release the stress of dealing with debt on your own. Learn the strategies on the types of debt to prioritize, how to pay it off quickly, and the impacts it has on your future goals.

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Professional Connections

We partner with the professionals in your life to make sure that everything is working together and moving you towards financial success.

... All For One Low Flat Rate

Nothing hidden or additional.

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Unlimited financial guidance for individuals for all of life's adventures including all meetings, texts, e-mails, and calls.

One Fixed Price Only:

$375 Start-Up 


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Unlimited financial guidance for couples for all of life's adventures including all meetings, texts, e-mails, and calls.

One Fixed Price Only:

$450 Start-Up 


Want to see how traditional financial advisor fees add up over your lifetime?
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Spending Decisions

You're no longer on your own when you make big financial decisions like buying a home or starting a business. Rather than wondering if you're putting your future at risk, you'll feel comfortable and confident with your decisions.

Stocks on a Screen
Investing Help

Our  low cost investing strategy will potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, which means more money for you to spend on vacations, gifts, and the other things that matter to you. We also provide socially responsible options to help you make the world a better place.

Image by Olga DeLawrence
Tax Planning

The fastest way to build wealth is to retain it. Unfortunately, most people overpay on taxes. We will meet with you every year during tax season to make sure you're minimizing taxes and maximizing life.

Mother and Baby on Floor
Education Planning

Set your children up with a bright future and even more opportunities by ensuring they graduate without crushing student loan debt. You'll become the proud parent that everyone looks up to.

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Workplace Benefits

Feel confident by always having a second opinion on your complicated workplace benefit packages. Instead of being anxious and stressed about big decisions, you can be self-assured knowing you're doing the right thing.

Image by Craig  Whitehead
Insurance Advice

It's just as important to protect your wealth as it is to build it. With the right insurance, you will be able to weather any storm, which means you can guarantee the safety of your family.

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So we can help you...

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Set Clear Goals to help you feel confident to and motivated to achieve the life of your dreams.
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Organize Your Finances to take the stress out of not knowing what you have, where it is, or what it's worth, making financial planning a lot more fun.
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Create An Action Plan so you have clear steps to get from where you are right now to where you want to go.
Want to know what financial advice should feel like?

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Free Bonus: Travel Hacking Guide

Never Overpay On Flights Again & Learn How To Fly First Class Around The World For Free

We've been travel hacking for over a decade. As a free bonus for meeting with us for a consultation, we will send you our favorite travel tips.

Learn how to...

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Maximize Credit Card Points without hurting your credit score or getting trapped in credit card debt.
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Get 10x More Flight Credit Per Point by not booking through the portal that the credit card companies suggest you use.
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Rent Cars, Stay In Hotels, & Fly First Class For Free even if this is your very first time booking a trip.
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Eric Simonson, Founder & CCO

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In case you're like me and just happened to skip to the end, here's what we're offering you...

A FREE, one-hour consultation with Abundo to talk about you, your financial life, and your goals. 

Our team of Financial Guides have absolutely zero conflicts of interest, we don't charge you outrageous fees, and we help add clarity to your financial picture.

And yes, if we're a good fit and you see the value of our advice and how much money we will save you over your lifetime, we would love to work together.  Our pricing is transparent and you can see it here.